My Story - alchemising trauma

I spent many years suppressing my desires for the benefit of others.  This created toxic resentment that left me disconnected with myself, highly incongruent in all sorts of ways and this became corrosive because I was, at the time, not able to express this outwardly. This was rippling out into my relationships and my wider life and affecting my physical and emotional health.  My body was screaming at me to pay attention so through deep, compassionate self-inquiry that resulted in being broken open for the first (and not the only) time and starting to lean in to the love as well as the suffering and the pain rather than avoiding and numbing... it is a recovery process that has felt like a re-birthing. I then started to really live more authentically and when I stepped away from the traditional way of working. Here is my blogspot - The Alchemy of Trauma - Part One - Learning to trust myself again.  

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I have consciously stepped away from the "traditional" and pretty unhealthy way of existing where my life essence was suffocated. It has been a bit like re-wilding! My intention and, yes, my deep desire is to help people to get out of their heads and into their bodies...towards recovery and growth and to really feel safe in themselves, live a fully empowered, embodied life and realise their essential gifts... their unique "genius".  Self-love, trust, whole body intelligence, emotional intimacy, compassion and acceptance need to be the new paradigm and transformative in terms of our current culture which is, in my personal opinion, pretty broken.  I guess the question to ask is do we personally reflect the brokenness of the prevailing paradigm too?

We are layer upon layer of life experiences.  We start to welcome the exiled parts of ourselves and in time, we experience a kind of alchemy with our trauma and suffering being transmuted into wisdom.  Much of this starts with developmental trauma and we cannot heal this trauma alone and we can, with the right helping support, rewire our nervous system to be more resilient and healthy.  

Together we take the weft of your life, the tendrels, the threads and spin it in a new and more compassionate way working with your uniqueness.  We explore what makes you you, and how you can heal you.  I have learned that often we have to go back to go forward. We then start to re-remember who we are and reconnect with ourselves.  Our true essence. To do this we look at where the seeds were planted.  Where is there trauma?  Where are there patterns being repeated? These patterns took a long time to establish themselves.  When we get really clear on our full spectrum challenges and come to terms with what we have experienced with a healthy outrage and healthy anger we can start to move away from being anger-phobic and reclaim our personal power.  This is not focusing on the past - instead we look at how these things are showing up (like a living reverberation) in the present and re-frame them in a new light.  I like to think of this as a spiral staircase... sometimes we see the same things again until we become aware of our tendencies and patterns and we can trust ourselves again.  

I create a sacred space for people to find their own answers. My intention is to lovingly inspire, offer clues, energise and "light fires" in relation to all aspects of life and work with the focus on it feeling delicious, having healthy boundaries AND being wild and free (well, if you want to be, that is!). We can be full spectrum human beings and be whoever we want to be with a life full of possibility.  

Now, we are living this new paradigm into being in the South Devon Community and this feels like an amazing (and challenging) time to be alive!  Come join us!

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Wellbeing Champion now working to spread wellbeing in a hospital setting and everywhere he goes!

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