Hi there.  I'm Julie Horsley -  Deep thinking, earth loving founder and weaver of all the threads of our social, for impact business. I have the lived experience of birth and medical and psychological trauma.  

I offer the following services and support:

  • a range of advice and guidance to enable you to self heal from birth trauma and undiagnosed/diagnosed Perinatal PTSD 
  • life transition coaching and mentoring for individuals, employees and visionary entrepreneurs
  • Well Hot Women coaching for a truly transformational menopause
  • storytelling and life wisdom workshops
  • trauma research and development 
  • help for you to create a healthier, more resilient nervous system
  • trauma sensitive tools and techniques
  • trauma informed approaches to support workplace wellbeing
  • deep awake meditation, soul to soul meditations using all senses 
  • radical mind/body self healing
  • writing heart centred poetry 
  • business transformation, reinvention and whole system evolutionary redesign
  • facilitation of gatherings, mini retreats, discussion groups & workshops including Way of Council
  • lived experience of managing and learning to love long term conditions
  • community and organisational engagement
  • Public Health and wider local and central government, workplace health and community well-being
  • working with people in recovery and unemployed people to help them find alignment and engage with their gifts
  • large scale programme management projects in business process re-engineering
  • building resilience and removal of "pain" points in businesses
  • development of research and training programmes
  • building networks and support structures  
  • Project management of high-value multidisciplinary projects
  • Wellbeing themed poetry and speaking at events and conferences
  • UK representative for the amazing Well of Being book by Jean-Pierre Weill

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