Our Story, values and ethos

Our mission is to bring the transformational potential of wellbeing into every aspect of our lives and create space for people to find their own answers

We are all weavers of wellbeing.  Every single one of us.  Every human being.  We each carry our own thread within the weft of life and weave and spin it in our own stories of life and those of others. When you extend this idea further. you can see how each thread then weaves through families, communities and businesses and extends to our deep connection with Nature and other creatures on this amazing planet of ours.  Being heart-centred and authentic underpin everything we do. We believe deeply in the need for design for wellbeing and the need to embed it in everything we do as an enterprise as well as how we work with our clients. Our ethos is to create space for you to explore and find your own answers.  Where any aspect of wellbeing has been designed out, we want to weave it back in so that not only is it fit for purpose, it is also built for “the greater good”. We would like to see durability and sustainability designed back in to products, rather than consumer driven materialism where durability is seen as not profitable. We want packaging to be ecologically, environmentally and people friendly. This will result in less waste and less harm to Mother Nature. 

We actively support people with trauma, long term, chronic conditions and mental health conditions to enable them to value and express themselves fully to grow personally. We help them to celebrate the new found intelligence brought to them by their conditions and not fight it but to work with it.  Befriend it. We support them to find a new, aligned congruence and overarching purpose to match their energies and to enable them to manage their condition, share their own knowledge and lived experiences and influence health service provision. 

We work in an authentic, agile way, pushing boundaries and challenging mindsets and old paradigms. We have strong values and unwaiving integrity and encourage self healing and wholehearted living. We want all our partners to actively participate in maintaining our values. We will speak up where we see people's well-being is challenged and help to empower people to have their say.

We are committed to work with individuals, businesses, communities and partnerships to help them to align agendas and to evaluate and focus on wellbeing from a whole ecology/system perspective to regain a lost sense of wellbeing. Through alignment and evolutionary design, we will reflect this in everything we do. We will promote soulful, sustainable, socially responsible business practices and facilitate wellbeing audits of workplace environments and organisations to ensure that they are healing environments. We will recognise today's Weavers of Wellbeing who are often the unsung heroes in our communities and enable them to share their experience and knowledge and to inspire others to also realise how they too can weave wellbeing and make a difference. We will help to build space, capacity and understanding of what wellbeing means to individuals and businesses and to celebrate that “no one size fits all”. Celebrate our differences and the unique threads we hold in the rich tapestry of life. We will encourage people who are ready to improve their health and wellbeing to be on purpose and aligned. We will run a broad range of creative, mind and body health, wellbeing workshops, masterminding groups, community events and continuous improvement training and development related programmes which are funded via a combination of fee paying activities, commissioned work, grants from grant making trusts and businesses.

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