Consultancy, health and business leader mentoring

Consultancy and Interim Management

Organisations are living systems. Each of us is an essential component of the DNA.  We like to think of all of us as threads in a living tapestry.  We are interconnected.  We have been called "ideas machines"!.  We create innovative business development opportunities for businesses to add value through wellbeing by design as well as bidding for commissioned services and provision, we also serve strategic leads, management teams, public health consultants and many others in business and the private sector and the public sector in high level, whole system, holistic business improvement through wellbeing. 

We will provide consultancy and interim management packages tailored to specific health and wellbeing needs, design and develop training to increase health and wellbeing literacy and to provide a pathway back to work and back to better health as well as Programme Management of Health and Wellbeing focused teams, Capacity building, Skills and Competency development. We love building capacity because whilst we love working in this way we don't believe in creating dependencies and want whatever we do to be sustainable by the organisation.

We want to get to the core of social problems and provide specialist advice and support on nourishment - not diets. This is about celebrating our individuality and unique contribution and nourishing the mind (patterns of thinking) and body (finding balance) to create opportunities for making significant differences to individuals that in turn impacts on local communities and employee groups.

Public Health, Board Member and Leadership team Mentoring:

Health and Business Leaders are increasingly approaching us feeling like they are stuck...running on empty and stuck for new ideas as to how to respond positively to today's health and business challenges.  They also share their personal journey and stories about how they would like to improve their own personal wellbeing and the whole experience of work and particularly that of their workforce.  For us this is a perfect opportunity to influence the happiness and wider wellbeing of these individuals, their teams, businesses and the wider health of the population as well as the longer term resilience of businesses, the wider economy and to help them make their businesses a real force for good.  We have a group of associates with whom we develop bespoke, holistic support tailored for the individual's needs to restore them to optimum health, wellbeing and performance. 

Thought provoking Steve Gupwell
Wellbeing Champion and our resident thought challenger

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