How we work, how we are and the future of work in the era of wellbeing

First and foremost we understand and appreciate how each of us weaves our own unique path.  We operate in a heart centred, authentic way.  We see that each of us holds a thread which is part of and connected to the weft of life, humanity, Gaia, the universe. We are also students of life.  We are curious.  We are open. We are conscious! We are human BEings. We have had successes and epic fails!  We have learnt from all this experience so that we can serve people to find a new approach that challenges the old stories and ways of BEing and working. Exploring creative ways to solve old and new health problems is what makes us get up each day!  

We know that wellbeing is not about buying an expensive intervention or health check "package" that will stick sticking plasters on issues around mind/body health issues.  It is much deeper than that and we have been working with businesses to transform their organisations, integrate wellbeing fully and which in turn organically helps the people who work for them to also self manage, be on purpose and grow and find tools and techniques that can help them to. 

Throw your hat into the ring, tell us what you need and we will work with you to find a better way and that can reduce any unnecessary suffering and maximise your wholeness.  Chances are that someone, somewhere, has been on a similar journey and we can enable you to access the knowledge you need to evolve your business or your community or your approach to life.  

Wellbeing-led evolution is the way to meet the health challenges of the 21st Century.  We have access to so many amazing tools and techniques that are available and when we work with you and your business we bring those to the table for you to explore for yourselves.  No one size fits all.  

Uniquely, we have a wide repertoire at our disposal.  We are tapped into an amazing network of teachings, wisdom, knowledge and learning. We also have an our own programmes, poetry, literature and research, case studies and experience to help businesses to become more authentic and compassionate in their day to day operations and also become our ambassadors and weave wellbeing and to influence and shape the future wellbeing society.

We are constructively dissatisfied, challenge old, tired stories and ways of thinking.  We see our purpose is to be of service to you and together to shift paradigms. By working together we can create something new and better and that has a beautiful ripple effect on you, your family and friends, where you work, where you live, wider society and even the planet!  Take a look at our e-flyer.

Making me feel special Donovan Seymour
Wellbeing Champion par excellence

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