Pop up life transition coaching in a local venue or one to one coaching

I can provide a safe, quiet space for you to pause and reflect.  Get off that hamster wheel just for a little while.  To reorient yourself TO yourself.  To your heart.  To your instinctual self. Reconnect with your body.  Your inner senses. Paying attention to your body sensations.  What is out of alignment?  What is creating disharmony?  Get out of your head... and feel. Stop intellectualising your feelings.  Feel your sensations and enable your feelings to flow through you. Breathe through them. All of them.  Remember who you are. Uncovering why you are here.  We are all much braver than we realise.  

We look at wellbeing in the context of your whole life.  This is confidential mentoring and life transition coaching that enables you to show up as your best self, increase your awareness and really enjoy this crazy, imperfect roller coaster journey of life.  I specialise in supporting parents (like me!) women achieving menopause (done that!), people who have experienced birth trauma as well as other entrepreneurs who want to maximise the third stage of their lives (like me!. 

One of my favourite places to pop up is in a coffee shop or tea room so let's meet up at one of your local haunts! Coffee, tea and cake (Pssst...don't tell the Food Police) - that is a great combination.

If you know of somewhere where the owner might be interested in attracting custom and offering a pop up life transition coaching opportunity then please let me know. 

Making me feel special Donovan Seymour
Wellbeing Champion par excellence

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