Evolutionary Programmes

We realise that one size simply doesn't fit all.  We are perfectly positioned to review existing health and wellbeing programmes, bid for tendered wellbeing related programmes or create bespoke programmes where we help our clients to develop their own specification for a local requirement or range of specific needs. 

For example, our Wellbeing4Performance project will, in its next phase of development, be available to become (ideally a jointly commissioned) programme of work. This has a broad potential appeal to local Public Health teams, Clinical Commissioning Groups, Department for Work and Pensions and businesses alike and Weavers of Wellbeing Solutions is already working with all of these bodies to scale this activity up.

Weavers of Wellbeing has a wide portfolio of specialist expertise and capability directly and through Associates and Partners within the social enterprise sector. We have the resources through this approach to bid for existing programmes where new ways of thinking are called for and where old ways of delivering are not achieving your desired outcomes and importantly where you need energy, innovation and creative solutions.

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