Spiral Energy, Gatherings & play/workshops

Working as part of a consortia of other health and wellbeing specialists and partners we can serve you in a number of ways:

Spiral Energy Workshops 

The spiral has such rich meaning both for us here at Weavers of Wellbeing and in nature.  Not only is it found in DNA as the double helix, but in whirlpools, shells and galaxies.  For me personally, the spiral and the image and rhythm of a ball of thread spiralling as it unwinds has particular symbolism.  It was the same for our ancestors who used spiral symbols in art, on rocks and cave walls.  It represents evolution of life itself, the cycles and seasons of nature, self-transformation and wisdom.  The inward spiral links to feminine energy and the uncoiling spiral with masculine energy.  Mars and Venus. Yin and Yang.  

In these workshops, we focus on the rhythms represented by spiral energy.  The challenges of modern day life and how to energise our spirits.  They are tailored for groups of any kind or business teams where you are keen to explore self-realisation, realignment, wholeness and embrace a new way of thinking and being.

Executive coaching, mentoring and workshops

Using some of the principles of our Spiral Energy approach, we work closely with executives and intrapreneurs (we are all weavers of wellbeing) to enable them to find their own unique path to mind/body healing taking a holistic, mindful, heart centred systems approach to lifestyle and optimising personal health and wellbeing. We can also extend this to teams to be more self managing, improve their energy and performance. 

Play/Workshops and Discussion groups

Tailored training and development programmes

We also create tailored training and development programmes for young people, unemployed wishing to return to work, supporting apprenticeships, workplace health champions and provide a wide range of advice and resources to support intrapreneurs and wellbeing champions in their role.

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