Trauma Informed Leadership and Trauma Informed Management

Trauma Informed Leadership and Management

Humans evolve through trauma.  When trauma is resolved and integrated through learning and understanding, we are able to work with greater purpose and meaning.  However, trauma can also disrupt (and not in a beneficial way) and interrupt our development too if left unresolved and buried.  It can lay dormant and pop up as unpredictable patterns of behaviour or addictions.  It creates an imbalance in our nervous systems and this can have a knock on effect on our wider wellbeing and immune system that leaves us open to chronic illness and disease.  

Our Trauma Informed Leadership and Trauma Informed Management ways of working can help you to gain a greater understanding of just how important it is for us at a personal and collective level to listen to each other's stories and learn how any adverse childhood experiences, overwhelm and ancestral and traumatic antecedents, play a part in our day to day personal and work relationships and how this can then have echoes into the wider collective community and beyond.  The fundamental question we need to ask is "What is it like to be you?" and create empathy and connection with each other.  Really meet each other.  This also has a big influence on the other question I like to ask which I refer to earlier which is "What is it like to work here?" and I feel also influences "How do the people who use or commission our products or services feel about us?".

Just like us, our organisations are living systems with each of us is an essential component of the organisational DNA.  We like to think of all of us as threads in a living tapestry.  We are interconnected.  If one thread gets pulled out of shape and becomes detached from our tapestry then it can have an impact on the rest of the work of art. The human body works in exactly this way too as a tensile structure.  When something is not working it affects the whole.  We work in a whole system way with leaders and managers in organisations that want to make a difference for the greater good particularly charities and the voluntary sector as well as the public sector to help them to gain a greater awareness of how a more trauma informed approach to the way we live, work and manage can create a more person-centred, compassionate, caring and productive workplace for our people, our people's people and that has a positive influence on the way we interact and care for our client or community members.  

We provide coaching, mentoring, consultancy and interim management packages tailored to specific needs and budgets and that will design and develop internal capacity.  This includes transformational coaching, mentoring and training for individuals and teams to increase trauma awareness and learning how inextricably connected unresolved trauma can be in relation to our personal and organisational health, wellbeing and performance.  This results in capacity building, skills and competency development. We love building capacity because whilst we love working in this way we don't believe in creating dependencies and want whatever we do to be sustainable for your people and your business in the longer term.

We want to get to the heart of social problems and provide specialist advice and support on nourishment of the parts and the whole - we don't like punitive diets! We are all limited editions. Wired and wounded and yet with a built in ability to unlearn destructive patterns, gain a better understanding of our personal story, remember our core values and work to heal the parts that are wounded if we choose to towards whole heartedness.  This is about celebrating our gifts and unique contribution and nourishing the mind (patterns of thinking) and listening to the body (finding balance) to create opportunities for making significant differences to individuals that in turn impacts on local communities and employee groups.

Public Health, Board Member and Leadership team Mentoring:

Health and Business Leaders are increasingly approaching us feeling like they are stuck too... running on empty and stuck for new ideas as to how to respond positively how trauma is impacting on public health and wellbeing challenges. They also share their personal journey and stories about when they have felt overwhelm and how they would like to improve their own personal wellbeing and the whole experience of work and particularly that of their workforce.  For us this is a perfect opportunity to influence the happiness and wider wellbeing of these individuals, their teams, businesses and the wider health of the population as well as the longer term resilience of businesses, the wider economy and to help them make their businesses a real force for good.  We have a group of associates with whom we develop bespoke, holistic support tailored to the individual's trauma history and personal narrative to help them restore step by step to optimum health, wellbeing and performance. 

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