What makes our hearts sing!

We are continuously seeking improvement in everything we do and are constantly on the look out for innovative projects and opportunities that generate solutions for good. It is in our DNA! Working at all sorts of levels, our versatility and track record means that we can turn our hand to pretty much any project you can think of when it comes to reinventing business practices to facilitate business development and solutions that not only create greater wellbeing and health by stealth. Our strong project management skills, creative and holistic approach to problem solving and experience of managing small budget projects through to £million major developments means that we can add value to your needs as well as producing sustainable positive impacts for all of our customers.

If you are looking for new approaches to some particularly tricky issues in your organisation, come to us and we can work with you to seek funding, create and manage a project team or help you to explore different perspectives that then (in our experience) generate significant additional and sometimes unexpected individual and business benefits that are comprehensively evaluated to maximise outcomes and impacts.

We place design for wellbeing at the heart of all our projects and this is reflected in our work with our associates, partners within other local social enterprises, NHS, schools, local authorities and third sector to develop integrated services that offer multi dimensional benefits to communities and businesses alike.

For details on some of our current collaborative projects please get in touch.

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