Acts of Kindness (AoK) week in Teignmouth with Friends of Teignmouth Library

Being kind is such a powerful act.  Our world needs more kindness right now...  Join us working in collaboration with Friends of Teignmouth Library and staff at the Library for our random... or not so Random... Acts of Kindness week in Teignmouth starting on Monday 13 February through to Friday 17 February and encompassing the day of Love and Loving kindness on Valentine's Day.  Check out the Friends of Teignmouth Library Facebook page and please do love or like! More details will follow and please do share any ideas you have.

The Library will have a display board where you can post your kind deed so please do go along. There will also be a Children's Treasure Hunt with a treat to find! We will be there on Friday 17 February to share ideas on how you can contribute and show how Teignmouth is the kindest place in Devon! 

Here are some ideas just to get you in the kindness zone:

  • Share a smile with everyone you meet - it could catch on!
  • Feed the birds in your garden
  • Pick up litter
  • Give someone a hug
  • Give way to someone when driving or let someone go first in the supermarket queue/loo!
  • Do a good deed for a neighbour who doesn't get out much
  • Do a favour for a friend or relative
  • Complement someone
  • Make some healthy treats and take them into work
  • Cook a meal for someone
  • Put your phone away and chat to someone without your device... just for a while!
  • Write a thank you to someone who has made a difference in your life
  • Forgive someone
  • Declutter and give the things to charity 
  • Fill an old handbag with toiletries and give it to a homeless person
  • Go the extra mile for someone in your workplace
  • Pay it forward with coffee, tea or a meal
  • Leave someone a special note of loving kindness
  • Write an inspirational message or post one on social media
  • Take photos and share (with permission!) when you witness an act of kindness
  • Kind thoughts lead to kind deeds.  Watch your thoughts and create more kindness for you in your life.  It echoes back.

My Nanny Laura gave me this poem about kindness that I have kept close by throughout my life as a daily reminder:

A kindly thought so often helps
A sad heart on its way
Although we cannot see
The good it does that day.

What ideas do you have?  My friend Kim Roberts has some great ideas for our New Year Revolution here that involve kindnesses.  Let's start with being kind to ourselves.  We welcome your comments and involvement and plan to spread the love and kindness each and every day throughout the year and will be celebrating the UK Random Act of Kindness day in November. We would love local businesses and schools to have kindness projects particularly those involving kindness to animals, birds and nature and get involved and help us to be the one of the kindest towns in the UK.