Natural being well hot women gatherings ....coaching and 1:1 for women experiencing the Change

Collectively with our waves of energy we could be adding to global warming!  

Are you ready for BIG LAUGHS?  Glowing with possibility?  Gushing and dribbling?  Happy, sad, intensely horny... all in a moment?

Are you ready for wild conversations that take you to unexpected yet welcome places?

Are you sleeping less yet flooded with creative juices?

For an opportunity to share stories, drink tea/coffee (or whatever) and eat something yummy, join us at a range of venues across the South West or, if you have a favourite place to recommend to us to hold gatherings please get in touch.  

It will be an opportunity to become an expert on your whole self, pause, re-balance and create a more lovingly natural relationship with your body.

Celebrate your uniquely transformational evolution and navigating the journey in a beautiful way.  

As our bodies naturally follow their paths, we can live expansively, embracing and realising our full womanhood.

This is a time for being natural.  Working with nature (remember, anything we fight fights us back!), letting go and let things take their course.  Time to reclaim our voice.  A new meaning making of language around the Change.  Stepping through the doorway into our own authentic power;  a whole new phase of life.

We offer the opportunity to connect with others like you.  To share wise woman ways of natural foods, herbal allies, writings, poems, creative arts and information as well as your own wit and wisdom.  We want to create a treasure trove to share with others... particularly our daughters and other young women and also with men.

For more information and details of our other events and person to person coaching, email Julie at