Bloom, shake, shake off the gloom!

No two people are the same and yet we find ourselves asking why someone doesn't "get us"?  We need to get in touch with our inner wisdom and our self compassion.  In doing so, we can extend that compassionate understanding to others at times when we don't feel understood.  We are all unique.  Uniquely "programmed".  Therefore it follows that when it comes to creating the life we want for ourselves, each of us will meander along a different path.  Extending this further, and because of our uniqueness in body, mind and soul, we all have different ways to get reconnected with ourselves. 
This is why we have created "Bloom, shake, shake off the gloom" - so that you get tasters of lots of different ways to shake off the gloom of your conditioned responses and bloom - yes even if that blooming is momentary!

Come and join us on 15th July 2017 (2pm) as we will be at the Alice Cross Centre for our first Bloom, shake, shake the gloom gathering - an afternoon of soul to soul meditations and a little bit of shaking off any gloom and for you to help us co-create a new way of being.