Healing trauma for an easier menopause - Calling all well hot women! Come and share your story

Over 50% of the population experience the "change" also known currently as the menopause... yet this is not a "pause" at all... in fact for me it has been a real transformational shift in BEing and an expansion, certainly not a pause.  It is so important that women experiencing the change don't feel isolated. 

It is time to recognise that it can be a time when all the overwhelm, programming, stress, tension and trauma can all come home to roost!  If we resolve and integrate this and work with our bodies this can be a magnificent celebration of being a human woman and a time of diving deep into our well of being.  A time of remembering who we are, a time of reconnection, reappraisal and revaluation rather than a 'pause'.  

Whilst each woman's experience is entirely unique and diverse, there are threads that run through all of stories that are shared by all.  It is an emotional, physical and often spiritual rite of passage just like adolescence. Often misunderstood by the medical establishment. We need to create a new, natural way of being during this evolutionary phase in our lives. Create a new language.  One where the meaning is created by women.  For women.  Helping each other to heal and hearing each other's experiences.

In my research, I love the Native American mythical figure of the Changing Woman. Changing Woman is symbolic of the earth.  Her ageing is in sync with the year.  She dies each winter and returns every spring as a young maiden.  She teaches women about childbirth, the cycles of their bodies and the seasons of the year. She is a character that inspires acceptance of the natural ebb and flow of life.  

Please help us to help and support each other and also to prepare others to embrace, accept and celebrate the possibilities this brings.  The shift into a whole new way of BEing.  Tapping into our essential energy, exploring how we want to be and what we can "do" with all that energy in the future.  As our bodies naturally follow their paths, we can live fully and expansively. 

Join us at gatherings in Teignmouth, Dawlish (starting soon so please contact me for dates and times) and Totnes this Mid Winter through to Spring or contact me for 1:1 chats and meditations over Skype on this natural phase in our lives so that we can encapsulate the stories to inspire future generations and to better inform health professionals.  I really welcome your contributions to start to create not just a new language but a new heritage. 

Thanks to all the amazing women who have already offered so many stories and inspired me over the years and to those who hold me in a safe space as my own personal unravelling and transformation continues.  You know who you are and that also fills me with immense gratitude and joy!  We can all be a...natural being...

Natural being (1)

With much love and spiral energy...