Charles Eisenstein - In Rhino everything

This, very thought provoking, heart wrenching, inspiring essay was written for sharing by Charles Eisenstein. In Rhino Everything. Profoundly important messages around the holding of the polarities, the paradoxes of life and the way we show up in service to each other from love, from fear, from ignorance and how we can learn from each other with kindness and compassion to make the More Beautiful World our hearts know is possible.  I was also privileged to be at Schumacher for a workshop with Charles in July 2016 when this was recorded along with 23 other amazing beings and he touched on this subject again.

I think the comments about which beings are actually the rogue, out of control beings in our world now also cut to the quick and get to the essential questions we need to ask ourselves.  Are we actually truly serving our world, nature, other beings or are we the rogues? Is, as Charles says, economic colonialism the only way or is there a better way to a more beautiful world? Could this be the only reality?  Is the only worldview based on the Newtonian and monetised approach?  The Power over Paradigm where Force and Hierarchy is King? To be embraced by modernity? Are we stuck thinking we can really engineer ourselves out of every challenge and become masters of nature and the Universe?  As Charles says, there is a faulty logic in seeing the world as mechanism and thinking we can find a substitute for nature and that we need to love things and avoid being connected intimately people and nature. I agree that we do need to listen. Listen to the wisdom of children.  We need to listen and connect to the pulse of the earth and the interconnectedness of all things.  If we enter into service and gift and acknowledge the ordinary (and extraordinary) miracles we all experience in everyday life we can learn so much.  We need gatherings to share these sacred living stories that need to be heard and brought into the light.  We have a huge amount to remember from our own culture those practices that have been driven underground and to listen and learn from indigenous cultures who still have ritual, ceremony and prayer built into everyday life. When we can tap into and learn from the deep, untouched, beautiful parts of ourselves and the untouched, beautiful parts of the globe then the systems can begin to evolve.

It reminded me too of my friend Victoria Walkden and her wonderful Roger the Rhino books.