How to calm a busy brain - becoming your own sanctuary and how to unbusy

I love this offering from Jonathan Fields.  A Manifesto on how to Unbusy.  "Easier said than done" I hear you say.  Our bodies, however, know better.  They are desperately trying to communicate with us to show us how living in, as Jonathan says, "soul-crushing reactive busyness" is not a life well lived.  It is often simply existing and persisting.  If you are getting a wake up call please pay attention.  Don't ignore it until you find that you have a serious chronic condition.  

Remember the old adage that we are not human doings, we are human beings.

For me the bit in the Manifesto that states  "being of service doesn't mean being a doormat" cuts right to the quick! Creating much clearer boundaries for myself now and this, in turn, supports those around me and those I support too. I also love the #GIVE30. Check it out.

Interesting and similar advice here too. See which one speaks to you and your life. These offerings lead us right to the question for our culture. Is "I am too/so busy" a badge of honour?  Is it really? Or is it just giving us a sense of our own importance? Too busy to read with the kids? What is more important? To be there for someone we love or to be too busy to connect?  What are we avoiding? There is no doubt that absence and reactivity are punishing our minds and our bodies.  As someone who has been in Invincible Superwoman mode for much of my late twenties and thirties I know how important it is to down-regulate and the consequences of not being more compassionate with ourselves. Read here about breaking free from being busy.