Free 1:1 Trauma/Tension Release sessions - a beautiful, simple, powerful, safe practice

If you are interested in learning how to practice the simple, profound trauma and tension releasing exercises then please contact me for a free 1:1 or Skype trial. For more information here is the flyer.

I love Bessel van der Kolk's work and particularly his book "How the body keeps the score".  It dovetails beautifully with TRE as a practice.  Here is an interesting article from a couple of years ago that focuses on PTSD (TRE is now I personally healed myself of perinatal PTSD).  The science is catching up with the practice!

I am currently also working with other people who have had undiagnosed PTSD as a result of birth trauma.  With 1 in 8 births being assisted births (forceps/ventouse) and over 25% of parents expressing that they felt traumatised by their birth experience, this is becoming ever more important. We are creating talking circles to enable people to share their stories and these are planned to start in April/May 2017.  Let us know if you or someone close to you has experienced a birth trauma.  

We are creating a new community interest company to offer wider support and therapies for people to self-heal.  This enterprise will be a joint initiative of people with the lived experience of birth trauma.  Currently we are particularly looking for men to get involved who have witnessed a traumatic birth and we welcome anyone who might be interested in joining us to become Circle facilitators.