Being attached to the pain

I get updates from the DailyOM.  Sounds new agey I know!  There are some really interesting posts though and this one about Staying in pain came through just after speaking with a friend about some of these very issues. I shared that I particularly remember as a young child stifling tears because I was (even at the age of 2) worried about making a situation worse for my parents by crying. Repressing the hurt and the grief I was feeling even then. I wonder how many of us are raising our awareness to these things at this time?  Seeing pain as a teacher and listening to our bodies really helps us move through this.  That is why I love Trauma Release (TRE).  It helps us to release and let go of things that no longer serve us and get radically present with ourselves.  I know that I have, in the past, wasted such a lot of energy keeping a "lid" on my emotions and not honouring them.  Trying to contain the hurt and the pain leaves little room for us to also experience the wonder and the joy of simply being here, now, at this time.  

So today, know that you are worth it.  That you are here as part of the collective consciousness.  Know that you can take time out and create some sacred, inviolable, calm space for yourself - time to BE and not to DO.  It doesn't have to necessarily be meditation or yoga.  It can be something you find deeply calming and reassuring.  It might be repetitive as the mind and body enjoy this.  All I would ask is that you take the time to enjoy being in your body.  Be fascinated. We are awesome beings with our own living, breathing laboratories.