Waitrose Community Matters supporting local parents and families who have experienced birth trauma

A big thank you to everyone who voted for our good cause recently at Waitrose in Teignmouth.
Julie, who has the lived experience of the traumatic birth of her son, received a donation from the Partners at Waitrose and this will fund peer led support and group meetings to enable parents to share their stories and create resources to raise awareness of perinatal Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). 

Waitrose Partners and Julie receiving donation for peer led support for birth trauma

25% of women in the UK say that they felt their birth experience was traumatic.  This is too many and is disappearing under the radar! 1 in 5 first time births are assisted or emergency interventions.  Partners are often overlooked and can feel powerless and can be vicariously traumatised too.  If this kind of trauma is left unresolved it can lead to Post Traumatic Stress symptoms like insomnia, flashbacks, anxiety, panic attacks, hypervigilance and addictive behaviours and is linked to Post Natal Depression.

"What we know" says Julie "is that when people feel supported and enabled to share their stories when they are ready, this helps them to begin to heal from the birth trauma.  Being heard.  So often, however, new parents find themselves isolated and thrown in at the deep end, not only learning to cope with the demands of their new baby and changes in their relationship, but also not getting any emotional support themselves for what can be an overwhelming, frightening and life changing experience.

Our peer led groups will offer a safe, welcoming, non-clinical space in which parents (new and older) can share and be part of a learning, caring community and raise awareness about the effects this can have if left unresolved on our emotional, psychological and physical wellbeing later on in life - particularly" Julie adds " during menopause". 

Please help us to reach people who might benefit from these peer led support groups.  If you know anyone who had a near miss/assisted birth or felt overwhelmed by what happened to them in any way (and at any time as this is not only for new parents) then please pass on the following details.  If you would like to know more information, would like to volunteer your help, have the lived experience yourself of trauma or would like to know more about trauma and undiagnosed perinatal PTSD please contact Julie by email at julie@weaversofwellbeing.com.

Thanks to Community Matters our peer led meetings will start in September in the Teignmouth area.