We need to raise awareness of Birth Trauma and Undiagnosed PTSD

14th March was the first Birth Trauma Awareness day.  Our story is below.birth trauma awareness day

I have shared our story with Emma and Susanne who are the wonderful souls who started the Birth Trauma Trust having had their own experiences.

Here is the link to our story which is featured on the Birth Trauma Trust website.

It is the first chapter in our story as the PTSD unraveled over many, many years.  We will share this and welcome anyone else to do the same.  Look out for updates as we are creating a new social enterprise to facilitate talking circles for people who have experienced birth trauma and have undiagnosed PTSD. This is an opportunity to share your story and join others who have similar lived experience.  25% of all births are considered traumatic.  We need to join together to influence the design of maternity services and to offer early intervention and prevention.  It was 17 years and in menopause that I uncovered PTSD.  For some people it stays buried for a lifetime and leads to so many other mental and physical conditions, anxiety, depression, insomnia, neck and back problems..... to name but a few and notwithstanding the tremendous strain unresolved trauma places on family and intimate relationships.  Please do get in touch if this speaks to you.