Making friends with the menopause by Sarah Rayner and other books - inspiring and great reads for Natural Being women

Hello you!

It is wonderful to meet so many well hot women everywhere.  We pop up all over the place and yet remain so hidden... do you know what I mean?  That feeling that we are invisible? Anyway, I am looking forward to meeting you again and offering support and companionship in the near future. We work on the basis of gift contributions and our services include 1:1 support and magical gatherings/circles where we will be sharing some of our findings and stories, music, dance, meditations and poetry as well as what works for us.  The intention is to create webs of well hot women everywhere so that we can share wisdoms and pass this wit and wisdom to future generations.  Above all, within the Change, we need to change our own self talk and move away from man made or aggressive language to describe our experiences as this reinforces a negative narrative.  For example, "OMG I am having such a battle with myself". Really? Battling our own bodies? Mmmm... now therein lies the problem.  We so desperately need to change the stories and the language we use.

Here are some of my initial top tips for great reads just to help you along this amazing, transformational journey. Lots more are available and we will bring samples and use extracts at our gatherings.  

Pussy:  A Reclamation  A roadmap to your feminine power, radiance and joy. Sums it up beautifully - by Regena Thomashauer! 

New Menopausal Years - The wise woman way by Susun S Weed.  My favourite recommendation with a strong emphasis on our connection with herbs and how they are our allies as well as lots of other remedies.  Love Susun's step approach.

The Wisdom of Menopause:  Creating physical and emotional health during the Change.  by Christiane Northrup, MD. OK. This book is a bit of a bible for me (over 720 pages!) and I love Christiane Northrup's style of writing. She is a Doctor! I have had many ... "oh... so that was what that was all about" moments whilst reading this book. Might be good to get this on Kindle first if you can and you can search for particular things as they occur!              

Reform your Inner Mean Girl by Amy Ahlers and Christine Arylo.  I have had the privilege of working with the wonderful, big hearted soul that is Amy on a Visionary Business Mastermind programme.  Her book has helped me to pinpoint my own Inner Mean Girls (or inner critics, small selves or whatever you call yours!) and give them new jobs to do!  I have been the Queen of  wanting to fix and rescue other people when the deeper work on me was what was needed!  

Making friends with the menopause by Sarah Rayner and Dr Patrick Fitzgerald.  Sarah is a wonderful British author and has set up a facebook group of the same name as her book.  It is a closed group but the entry criteria is pretty straight forward for Well Hot Women like you and I.  Worth checking out.  Some interesting discussions and sharing. Sarah has updated the book recently which is self published. 

Let me know if you want help finding the recommended remedies and we can put together a kit for you.  I am working with local health food stores who have a pretty sorry selection of remedies to help with the Change.  This is something we can all help them to understand better.