Why are Doctors so keen to prescribe anti-depressants?

We might be on medication and feel that life is pretty hopeless.  Our bodies try really hard to help us if we are listening and open to changing. Many people I work with find that a visit to the Doctors when feeling low results in being prescribed anti depressants.  But what if the meds themselves numb us to the rest of our life, to our family and friends, and disconnect us from ourselves?  Here is an inspiring clip from Dr Kelly Brogan's interview with Rose who was on meds for 25 years due to being diagnosed with severe depression.  They explore Rose's self healing process and this gives an insight into how we can be our own self healing guru and that we can reclaim our lives.  Her enthusiasm, curiosity and persistence shine through.  Enjoy!  

According to research, there is a very small difference between Placebo and Drug treatment for depression.  In fact it is clinically insignificant.  So why are Doctors still prescribing in the quantities they are?  Why is it that more and more of people I meet are being treated with anti depressants?  Some of these people seem to think they work for them but how much of this is an embedded belief - as Shakespeare says "only thinking makes it so"? Often, anger and resentment turned inwards results in a depressive states.  Our inner engineering if you like. Let's face it, it is almost impossible to get to mid-life without old hurts, anger, grief and disappointments building up.  These create tension and disconnection both with ourselves and others.  

What about placebos?  What about the therapeutic relationship and its impact on the effectiveness of the treatment? How do placebo effects stimulate the brain and body? What about the alternatives to anti depressants?  Does CBT/psychotherapy go deep enough into our well of being?  What are the causes of the causes?  Meditation, exercise and acupuncture can perform as well as anti depressants and have much healthier side effects! Irwin Kirsch explores this in his book The Emporer's New Drugs and looks at the negative side effects of the prescribed drugs themselves.

So how can we be different?  Can we heal ourselves naturally like Rose?  Organically?  Well, we believe that with the right knowledge, support and a sustainable, wellbeing enhancing toolkit, we can transform, reclaim and renew ourselves. We believe that the tide is turning and it is time to learn to heal ourselves naturally.  Natural Being Human.