Why Weavers of Wellbeing?

Whenever people see our branding, they are really complimentary about the look and feel of it.  We love it too! It gives us a really warm feeling of gratitude.  Here is how we created our brand.

The right words came very quickly after some mind and heart mapping and lots of paper and squiggles and expressed themselves clearly as "Weavers of Wellbeing" . Yes, yes this was what the business wanted to be called.  It felt right! We are all weaving wellbeing in our own unique way in the complex web of life.  Each species on our planet from the miniest micro organism to the largest mammal, is connected to the wellbeing of the whole. When our wellbeing is out of balance, it is likely we have lost connection with ourselves and with the wider web of life.  Perhaps our family, friends, community.  By self realisation, re-building and strengthening these connections with loved ones and with nature, our energies ripple out into the world and we find others weaving in the same way.

However, what sort of weaver was this to become?  I mean, from a symbolic perspective? Connectedness is an important theme too... creating a network of weavers.  We can compare the web of life on the planet to that of a spider's web in which the slightest movement will create a vibration throughout its web of silken threads. Was the Weaver the awesome spider then, weaving its magical web and whose fine silken gel turns into threads that are purposefully woven into the most amazing, fully functional architectural patterns for food, safety, security and expansion?  Just as the spider mindfully weaves their web, so do we weave the design of our own lives. We can choose to weave this using a smart design that serves us or one that traps us.  Still more intriguing for us is that the majority of spiders have eight legs and adaptable eyes that give them a unique view of the world and the number 8 connects to the ancient symbol for infinity. 

Or was it a weaver of patterns in fabric with each one of us uniquely part of a greater warp and weft of threads that make up the tapestry of life?  What about the amazing social weaver bird who creates elaborate networks of nests? Nature has such a wealth of ingenious examples to work with!

What to do?  What a dilemma!  What would be the brief for the brand and logo designer?

The weaving of the warp and weft in and out of each other's stories as with the ebb and flow of life did become the key narrative.  We also felt that the inclusion in the brand of birds (because we think birds are amazingly inspirational too) would evolve out of the main branding.  This all felt intuitively right. We are so happy that lots of spiders have made our small studio their home too both inside and out.  However, whilst the spider IS awesome and an inspiring symbol of creativity, patience and ingenuity whose webs we dodge and marvel at each and every day, we are aware that for some, the spider is not a comfortable image in relation to contrasting sides of life or personality and the mere thought of one in close proximity, for them, is more than a little daunting and one potentially crawling over our website might, well, be a bit off putting! 

So we put together a design brief and explored locally to find the right design team.  People who could "feel creatively into" the concept and vision. This was much more of a challenge than we initially expected!  Many designers simply didn't get the dynamic, non linear approach.  Then we found someone who understood.  Hurray!  Hey Presto!         The Weavers of Wellbeing design was created!WoW logoDa Da!

Over time, we added Wesley our little Weaver Bird and also our beautiful Owl design by Victoria Walkden that illustrates how we are evolving and gaining wisdom.