Working in the recovery community

In conversation we find communion and reunion.

As we sit together and share our stories - and the stories within our stories and those of our ancestors, we can, when the time is right, start to understand and make meaning of our life experiences and our childhood.  We need to feel safely held and heard so that we can process the stuff that is life.  To start to make meaning from our lives and our chattering minds.

I am enjoying working with people in recovery.  The people I am meeting are authentic, weathered, inspiring and full of empathy and the raw and often brutal lived experience of being in a world that is not working on so many levels.  We need to hear each other's voices and just stop, for a while, and be fully present with whatever is arising.  Active and embodied listening without too many time constraints so that we can commune together and be.  Humanity is in need of this kind of reunion.  Up close.  Personal.  One to one or one to few.  Intimate, raw conversations with any judgements politely bracketed or ignored.