Feminism and the US Election - The Gift of Acceleration

(11th Nov 2016)

Being attached to the pain

(28th Oct 2016)

How to calm a busy brain - becoming your own sanctuary and how to unbusy

How to Unbusy

(15th Oct 2016)

We need to understand the impact in later life of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE)

(11th Oct 2016)

Cup of love

Fill your cup of self love

Self love poem

(13th Sep 2016)

How dissociation helps us to survive

(29th Aug 2016)

Workplaces designed with wellbeing in mind

(23rd Aug 2016)

The Psoas muscles

The Psoas muscles and why they are so important

(5th May 2016)

In the flow of life at work - Wellbeing@Work

Wellbeing workshops, gatherings and inspirational team away days for people working in local businesses

(12th Feb 2016)

Ever wondered why you are here? Sharing our stories

Embrace a truly ancient tradition and join us on a journey to create your unique ethical will starting on 23rd February 2016 in Solihull

(22nd Jan 2016)