Ammonite spiral

Working with the recovery community in Torbay

(23rd Oct 2017)

Natural being (1)

Healing trauma for an easier menopause - Calling all well hot women! Come and share your story

(12th Oct 2017)

Sharing our birth stories is part of our healing

(26th Sep 2017)

The Goddess as spiritual bypass

(30th Aug 2017)

Waitrose Partners and Julie receiving donation for peer led support for birth trauma

Waitrose Community Matters supporting local parents and families who have experienced birth trauma

(7th Aug 2017)

The amazing, wandering Vagus nerve and how to naturally stimulate it

(16th Jul 2017)

birth trauma awareness day

We need to raise awareness of Birth Trauma and Undiagnosed PTSD

(14th Mar 2017)

The sacredness of parenting teens

(20th Feb 2017)

Charles Eisenstein - In Rhino everything

In Rhino Everything

(19th Feb 2017)

Rewiring sexuality for healing

(6th Feb 2017)