Towards trauma alchemy...

I am very excited!  People are asking for more information about the new for impact community benefit services I am creating. Within Weavers of Wellbeing, we are developing new archetypes to work with as well as this evolutionary range of services:

  • One to one and small gatherings of peer support and introducing a range of trauma sensitive tools and self healing pathways for parents who have experienced a near miss/assisted/emergency traumatic delivery at any time and not sought support for whatever reason i.e. anyone who has not had access to perinatal mental health services in the 12 months following the traumatic event.
  • awareness raising about undiagnosed perinatal Post Traumatic Stress disorder (PTSD).  We hear alot about other communities who experience PTSD.  PTSD was coined in 1980 and it is only very recently that psychiatrists, clinical psychologists and even traumatologists are realising that traumatic experiences during birth have been exacerbated by a lack of compassion and follow up and for many years have been inadequately supported. There has been a stunning lack of recognition of this profoundly life changing watershed event.  Me included! The statistics speak for themselves so we have to ask why it has taken so long for this to be talked about. 1 in 4 women say that their experience of child birth was traumatic.  1 in 8 births are assisted/emergency deliveries.  Potentially hundreds of thousands of women, their partners and their children are walking around with trauma literally stuck in their bodies. We want to work with others to bring this out into the open.
  • training and workshops on trauma informed approaches to care, health and wellbeing to share lived experience with people working in health, children's centres, business and the voluntary sector particularly people working in organisations helping those who have experienced abuse, addiction and homelessness.
  • campaign with other like minded organisations for there to be an immediate referral process nationally for support for parents experiencing near miss/assisted and emergency deliveries due to the emotional, physical and psychological trauma that these deliveries can create.  Survivors have faced such unbearable feelings that they have often had to dissociate - and this can stay unresolved in the body for many years and manifest in broken marriages, autoimmune disease, mental health and chronic conditions.
  • gatherings for people experiencing mid life and menopause challenges who too have had birth trauma and successive medical and emotional traumas that lay dormant and often get reactivated during the menopause and times of transition and transformation.
  • collaborative research of traumatic antecedents and development of a personal narrative and screening tool for use by individuals, GPs and maternity services
  • raising awareness about healthy nervous system re-engineering and re-wiring

Thought provoking Steve Gupwell
Wellbeing Champion and our resident thought challenger

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