Business Systems and Relationship Reviews

We have worked with business leaders to co-create evolutionary transformation leading to expansion and growth as well as really getting to the causes of the causes of why productivity was lacking and how stress had become a major challenge in terms of attendance and presenteeism.   We have specialised knowledge of housing repairs and engineering sectors, public sector organisations and private manufacturing and logistics businesses and many, many more.  We know how often relationships can create tension - both internally amongst the workforce and externally with suppliers and partners. We help you to be re-energised and create positive, evolutionary change that re-energise and engages colleagues and has that ripple effect.  

This is an example of the business systems review process for one of our clients.  Highly successful on all levels, the new organisation went on to secure big contracts, grow and expand and be more self managing and highly devolved.  It created a new model of organisation that also created high levels of engagement and wellbeing for the workforce and a more easeful way of working for all. 
Business systems review case study outline

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