Trauma coaching for business - transforming lives and workplaces

Is your life path healing or harming you?  Do you feel that traditional systems are no longer serving you?  Do you feel that you are acting in alignment and you feel right about your job or your career choice? Your relationships?  Do you feel connected to yourself and have a sense of belonging?  Do you have someone close to you who supports you?  

OK.  So do you want to reinvent yourself and work with your inner wisdom, have more energy, better relationships and feel more aligned and relaxed with more time away from the mind chatter and the hamster wheel of life?  Rethinking and redesigning this chapter of your life?  Who you are today is an accumulation of your experience and wisdom and can be applied differently to your life now.

If the answer is a "hell yes" whole body kind of quiver then please get in touch!

As I move towards trauma informed leadership and trauma informed management with my fellow Trauma Alchemists (see also my blog), I am incorporating more and more of this so that it underpins all my services and support for health care professionals, social care providers, probation, charities and business leaders in particular and starting to explore this from a personal, organisational and global perspective in the context of workplace wellbeing and personal and organisational evolution, expansion and growth.

As Caroline Myss says in this YouTube video about reinventing ourselves and listening to our calling... finding our charisms... we need to go on an adventure, creatively explore and re-imagine our lives.  She also talks about how one of the worst things we can do is betray ourselves and this is so often a core wounding or trauma.  She talks about this here video too. Such amazing teaching. If you are interested in more information, please contact me for a chat and if we are aligned then we can arrange for you to have a free consultation and discover if we are a good fit to work together.  

All my coaching slots for January/February 2018 are now full so please do get in touch and we can arrange a consultation with a view to a coaching programme starting March/April.  I am also working with local communities with various "hats".  Please check out the new women's wellbeing community gathering starting in February 2018 in Dawlish.  If you live close by please do let me know and book yourself a place. 

For businesses with a social mission in any sector please get in touch to talk about how I can support you, your team and your vision and how we can co-create something together.

The workshops are the highlight of our weeks! All Champions at recent workshops

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