Bespoke poetry commissions - Business to Business and Personalised

More and more people are asking us for poems with a wellbeing theme and we are happy to oblige!  We also share our poems and writings with Charities and Global magazines and all this poetry has wellbeing at its heart and soul. This is one of the key ways we express ourselves and also how we make sense of life.  Capturing your special event in poetic verse is something unique, memorable and enduring.

We specialise in the following:

1)  Poetry with the themes of love and wellbeing i.e. for birthdays, proposals, weddings, renewal of vows, anniversaries or maybe a heart felt, poetic thank you for that special someone

2)  Poetry to mark the arrival your new bundle of joy  i.e. births or christenings

3)  Poetry tailored to your business for an important (needing to be the most memorable) pitch or speech.  We have used this technique ourselves to great effect!

4)  Highly engaging poetic missions, vision and value statements for you and your workforce that truly demonstrates the authentic nature of your business

5)  Poems for people retiring from your business and whom have made a key contribution to you and to the rest of your workforce and the success of the business today.

These can be created with you virtually or in person (depending upon where you are). We craft printed poems for you to proof and sign off by email and then we can reproduce this framed, on parchment, card or perhaps as an embroidered sampler for you to have on your wall at home. We do this by working with other local entrepreneurs so we would need to let you know how much time we would need to get these made for you to our own specification and the highest of quality for your unique and timeless gift. 

We are keen to offer these works using the Sacred Economics principle of Pay What Feels Right. We are happy to quote for any extras from such as embroidered samplers, framing etc who may not necessarily use the same principles.  For some of our clients, for a little extra fun, your quote might also come in the form of a poem!

Whatever feels delicious for you we can do!


Making me feel special Donovan Seymour
Wellbeing Champion par excellence

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