Canny Catering and Worcestershire Regulatory Services

Canny CateringWe are incredibly versatile and like to work with real innovation and new ways of approaching old problems. We have a long standing partnership with Worcestershire Regulatory Services and their health and wellbeing team. One of our key projects is called Canny Catering. This is all about health creating opportunities for small catering businesses whose clientele are the hard to reach and providing them with support around healthier food, nutrition, special diets and top tips.

Working with the team, we carried out a comprehensive evaluation, project managed the Canny Catering awards and jointly produced a best practice article for Trading Standards and Environmental Health teams on how they could adopt the same ways of working to support their local catering outlets to become not only health creators themselves but to increase their sales and profits as a result.

Harnessing this expertise and with the desire for Worcestershire to be the “go to” place for excellent, healthier choices of cuisine, we have been working together to develop a Healthy Food Choices award. Look out for updates but check out the Award web pages here.  Facebook @hcfaward.  Initially focused on Worcestershire, the team are now looking to offer this further afield within the UK and scale up as it has proved to be a really popular path to amazing, healthier food experiences.

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