The Poetic Justice of heart centred feedback

Just recently, we have blogged about emails and letters from robots.  You may remember this.

Now we are really keen to hear from anyone who is unhappy with their customer experience as we can use cleverly worded poems to get the attention of our fellow humans in customer services centres. 

Here is a great example with a wonderful, positive response from the business who rose to our challenge and met poem with poem.  The story is this.  We had quite a stroppy letter about insurance renewal ... you know, one of those "Dear Sirs" with lots of mechanistic words, with no named contact at the other end.  It was clearly one that had been produced by a machine though we suspected that somewhere back in the day, a human had approved the template of the letter itself.... so this was our response:

"Hello Renewals Team (I would love to send you something personal but I don't know who you are!)

I have written a poem for you as I felt that maybe your approach could benefit from being a bit more person-centred.  I hope you find the feedback useful.

A Poem for the Renewals Team 

Thank you for your letter
Of 2nd June this year
I read it and I have to say
It seemed quite laced with fear

I sent a payment off to you
It should be there on time
Well before the renewal date
I thought it would be fine

May I suggest a subtle change
To your reminder letter?
A little less mechanical
Might sound a little better?

Remembering we are human
May be a place to start
And that we are all flesh and blood
I even have a heart!

So here's a challenge for your team
And the language that you write
To make it less officious
A little less uptight?

Maybe start with a "Hello"
A person's name perhaps
A little less bureaucracy
Might help customers not lapse

If you would like some help with this
I am happy to advise
I feel that friendlier letters
Would be a nice surprise

Sent with love..

and to our delight the reply from Owen in Customer Services was...

Dear Julie

Your poetry's not lost on me I found it to inspire
I pray next time you deal with me then I'll ignite your fire
Always have I found with work, the greatest pleasure had
To fill my clients not with irk but hear them say "not bad!"

We're sorry for the letter's soul, or rather lack thereof
Few chances have we in this role, to speak with words of love
Transformed a world grey and dull, in business where we dwell
Your words have warmed our spirit, our hearts they've also swelled...

Thank you for your feedback and poem Julie.

We then responded once again...


Well thanks to you for your kind words
It isn't hard to do
The business world need not be grey
It only takes a few

To change a world of grey to one
That brings us joy not fear
For you, for me, for everyone
To hold in great revere

We can bring much more pleasure
With emails such as these
More person-centred measures
Are what small business needs

We are all people businesses
I know this for a fact
Computers are just tools we use
Our instructions they enact

So Owen I feel I must propose
Since you have a gift with word
You try to get the letters changed
To be much less morose?

We also today got a letter from the CEO of the Insurance Company thanking us for taking the time to help them become a better company and for recognising Owen and he said that reviewing their letters is top of his to-do list!  

Great stuff.  We can all work together to heal systems and processes.  Tell us your story.  We can help!

Making me feel special Donovan Seymour
Wellbeing Champion par excellence

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