Transform your relationship with your mind and body from loathing to love

Currently we are building up a wide range of gatherings and workshops in Devon.  Our focus is on Natural Being Woman and Well Hot Women gatherings around birth trauma, emotional and psychological and physical trauma and abuse and menopause/life transition.  These are for women who want to transform their relationships with their minds and bodies from loathing to love.

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    Natural Being Woman is all about the key chapters in our lives and in particular we have had demand for exclusive retreats, support and help for people experiencing the change and from those who are in perimenopause.  We would love to receive feedback, suggestions, stories and your wisdoms for others experiencing this vibrant and transformational  third chapter in your life. We find this TedX by Jane Fonda particularly inspiring. 

We also offer creative groups and reading groups in all kinds of settings.  We use a range of material including the Well of Being which is a gorgeous book by our friend Jean-Pierre Weill, our own poetry, insights from other poets and using an inspirational children's book created for grown ups which acts as a catalyst for us to explore our own thinking around wellbeing and mind/body healing.

Give Julie a call to find out more.

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