Julie... being with you is like a feast. All of my senses and all the parts of my being are met. That you have the ability to meet intellectually and share intellectually but do it with heart, feeling and intuition. There is something beyond the norm about you that I would love to see be contagious to more and more people. So glad you are finding ways to share your essence. Be contagious. We need you. Your poetry. Find more ways to be contagious. Kimberley Marshall

The week's not complete without Weavers of Wellbeing Donovan Seymour
Wellbeing Champion par excellence

We all really look forward to the workshops. They are the highlight of our weeks! Learning in a non-judgemental environment with no strict dress code, learning about healthier eating and getting up to date information, exchanging ideas and having a great time and lots of healthy banter and an even healthier shared lunch! All Champions at recent workshops

Wellbeing4Performance - thought provoking Steve Gupwell
Wellbeing Champion and our resident thought challenger

Coming along to the workshops makes me feel special and glowing with confidence Donovan Seymour
Wellbeing Champion par excellence

Life changing.... Donovan Seymour
Wellbeing Champion par excellence

"A soothing energy to be around"
"You radiate a calming energy" Feedback from people who have worked with Julie

"A quiet, calm presence..."
"Incredibly generous and wise" Feedback from people who have worked with Julie

Wellbeing4Performance - very therapeutic A participant on one of our training programmes
Wellbeing Champion extraordinaire

Making Every Contact Count - Wellbeing4Performance makes me feel the need to spread the word and I am doing this! Donovan Seymour
Wellbeing champion par excellence

At Balsall Common Primary School (Academy) we are pleased to work with local businesses through both sponsorship and direct support. Weavers of Wellbeing came to school and spent time with year 4 making 'Wesleys' putting across the idea of wellbeing. This was done in a fun way and the children thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Balsall Common Primary School

With Wellbeing4Performance I have enjoyed meeting new people in a relaxed atmosphere Darren Sanders
Wellbeing Champion now working to spread wellbeing in a hospital setting and everywhere he goes!