Schools and education

What we provide is a comprehensive and whole school wholehearted approach to mind/body health and wellbeing. Actually, that just about sums it up!  Nurturing and nourishing the citizens of the future is crucial to society on so many levels as is helping schools to be forces for good within our communities.

We understand the challenges of working in schools and the demands on teaching staff in particular and the impact this has on their own mind/body health and wellbeing.  We have helped to promote the Solihull Approach Parenting on line training course.

We work with Heads and Leadership teams, Governors, Parents, Teachers and Teaching Assistants, catering, caretaking and admin support staff and most importantly, the students, to ensure that everyone is involved in the most accessible and fun way possible. We use poetry, readings, creative activities, music and almost seamlessly map it onto curricular priorities.

Relaxed atmosphere Darren Sanders
Wellbeing Champion now working to spread wellbeing in a hospital setting and everywhere he goes!

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