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Are you an unfulfilled visionary business leader or intrapreneur?  Then you are also one of our Weavers of Wellbeing! Are you fed up with wellbeing programmes that switch off your workforce because they feel more like punishments than supporting their health, wellness and resilience? 

Our unique discussion groups and workshops could be just what you are looking for to ignite the spark that sets people on their journey towards improved mind/body health and wellbeing.  We explore wholeness, wholeheartedness and mind/body healing in a positive, non-judgmental way using creative techniques supported by expert facilitation.  Our groups are highly interactive, rewarding and fun and people who have attended say that it has been life changing and that they have learnt more than in the whole of the rest of their lives!

Whatever the size of your business, we can help.

We have worked with micros, SMEs and Corporate businesses in all sectors.

Through our consultancy, we can also provide the senior management/Board members with an alternative, authentic approach to consciously re-brand and realign your business in a way that truly engages your workforce, your local community and your customers alike.

put across the idea of wellbeing in a fun way . . the children thoroughly enjoyed the experience Balsall Common Primary School

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